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“I don’t know why it worked, but it did work. I had the best sleep that I’ve ever had. And when I woke up, I felt like a different person! I really did feel like I could go home from the hospital. There’s something that you do, and there’s something about those bowls, and it makes you release everything in your body.” - Valerie M.




Fawntice Finesse

Certified Sound & Yoga Therapist


"Thank you, Fawntice, for your gift of healing and wellness. An accident 8 years ago left me with chronic pain and scar tissue such that my ability to walk was impaired. During your session, I felt strong vibrational energy in my injured joint, and by the next day, my range of motion was increased and I have since been walking more freely than I have in years. At this point in my recovery, I've experienced more significant improvement with your sound healing than I have with acupuncture, light energy healing, hypnotherapy, physical therapy/water therapy, Yoga Nidra, and meditation combined. With gratitude and blessings." - Lisa, M.D., Kaiser Permanente
“I feel so good. I can’t even explain.” - Stephanie N.
“I feel so much peace and tranquility. I've never felt this type of peace in my body ever. ” - Mary K.
“Fawntice gave me the most powerful Tibetan Bowl sound healing session ever. It felt like a sedative, and then I slept an unprecedented 10 hours of the deepest sleep I’ve had since I was a teenager. Wow. I guess needed that. Thanks Fawntice! Everyone should go right now and book a session with her!” - Rachel R.
"I'd been suffering from tinnitus on and off for about a year with a constant ringing that varied in loudness. In the weeks leading up to the sound bath it had been on the loud end and my equilibrium was a bit off, causing me to get a little dizzy for a few seconds whenever I laid down or tilted my head to the right. I woke up the morning after Fawntice's sound bath on August 11th and immediately noticed that the ringing in my ear was completely gone, and that when I tilted my head in a way that would usually cause some dizziness, I was completely fine. I'm convinced that it was the sounds from the Tibetan bowls and gong that made everything clear up. It's been over a month and I still feel great! No ringing or dizziness." -Maya A.
“Thanks for the marvelous sound healing session, Fawntice. I felt like I was re-discovering myself, rejuvenated and refreshed.” - Valri R.
“Hi Fawntice, thank you for staying extra time to do a private session with me. I have felt totally at peace and calm all day. And I can’t stop smiling! Thank you!” - Caroline G.

"An amazing classically trained musician, devoted Buddhist practitioner and gifted yoga therapist, Fawntice has melded her mad skills to forge a path of healing that resonates powerfully in her heart and in anyone who experiences her music.  She is pure magic with her Tibetan Singing Bowls as a professional sound therapist.  In private sound healing sessions, I have experienced the deep well of her presence and clarity of intention that left me feeling completely safe and supported. I had no idea how deeply restorative the vibration of the bowls can be when you have a practitioner so attuned to you and what you need.  When she plays in my restorative yoga classes, I have watched a room full of yogis transformed into a state of wellbeing that is nothing short of bliss.  And I have listened to many students singing her praises, in awe of and gratitude for her entrancing mastery of tonic sound." - Leslie K.

“Fawntice Finesse, hours after my sound therapy session I could still feel the vibrational energy working in my body. It was like standing in front of DJ speakers at a club, the pulse, the vibrational energy from the Tibetan Bowls lingers and HEALS after the session. Thank you.”

- Alimi B.

"It is an absolutely amazing experience. I felt hugged, loved, and grounded by the sound. If you're debating at all just do it!!!" -Tina A.
“I had my sound healing the day after I was in a car accident. After the healing, I remember feeling as if something had been lifted from my lower back and my neck/throat area, as if I were releasing something. I felt lighter.  Also, I had been in the process of searching for a job, without any leads or contacts. After the sound healing I have been contacted for 5 job opportunities, locally and out of state, and have had phone interviews since then. I can’t explain how grateful I am for what Fawntice has done for me. I am immensely grateful. Thank you.” - Tatiana H.
"I grew up in a family of scientists, and I am generally skeptical of non-western medicine. I met Fawntice at a yoga retreat where she was giving a sound healing with meditation presentation. I had been in a car accident a few months before and was in physical therapy for my neck. During the concert, I thought the bowls sounded nice, but dismissed any possibility of them possessing the ability to help me heal. Once she stopped playing, I could turn my neck without pain for the first time in months. Since then, I have had Fawntice come to my place for private sessions. She is amazing."
-Jennifer C.
"An amazing thing happened in class today - Fawntice touched a tuning fork to my head and I felt my brain burst wide open... it was like I could suddenly see through the brain fog!" - Joni Y.
“Your “Zen” music (singing bowls) definitely calms the patients down and I wish you could come on a regular basis.” - Nurse Wil, Kaiser Permanente Medical Center
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