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Fawntice Finesse

Certified Sound & Yoga Therapist


What Is Sound Therapy And Healing?



Sound therapy and healing involves the listening of specialized recordings and/or the playing of live musical and sound instruments by an educated sound healing practitioner, not with the intention of using familiar music, rhythms, and melodies as triggers, as is the case in its equally beneficial related healing modality music therapy, but the use of sound at its most fundamental level. Sound resonances and the vibrations they create access a physiological shift followed by mental and psychological breakthroughs.



Sound therapists and healers believe once the nervous system, brain waves, heart rate, respiratory rate, and other parts of the physical and subtle body have come more into balance, and energetic pathways are open, gross physical and mental healing quickly follow.



During a private session, the sound component consists of instruments placed on and around the body. Not only does the audible sound generally bring one into a more relaxed and profound state of being, the physical body is gently massaged from the more gross levels of muscles and bones, to the more subtle molecular and energetic levels. With certain instruments like the Tibetan Singing Bowls, these states of being can be felt powerfully in group "sound baths" as well. The sound waves gently guide the brain wave rate, allowing for the sleep and meditation states to be accessed effortlessly. Even if instruments are not placed directly on the body, the influence of the sound vibrations is evident.



 Sound therapy and healing has been shown to reduce or eliminate physical pain, stress and anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, and depression, and aid in memory function, concentration, clarity, detoxification, and general wellness. It is a popular complementary and alternative healing modality worldwide to a host of ailments including stress and tension, cancer, ADD/ADHD, autism, post traumatic stress disorder, dementia, brain damage, stroke, tinnitus, sinus problems, grief, and much more. Sound therapy and healing is also very beneficial for those who are ailment free and want to emerge feeling relaxed and inspired with focused clarity and overall wellness.


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